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MESSAGE: Due to making the decision to shut their services down the multi-language edition of Advisor has been delayed. As the only remaining developer of Advisor, I would not feel right releasing a new edition that was dependent upon a service that is shutting down by 2017. I am in the process of building a new back-end service here on our own web site to avoid being dependent upon other services again. That process will delay the release of the multi-language edition of Advisor with online data, but work is still being done. Thank you for your patience!


Manifest Destination is a independent development company for mobile application solutions. I develop cross platform mobile applications using the Sencha Touch framework. Manifest Destination was started by Josh Parker and Ryan Bedino in 2014. Ryan has since moved on to pursue his career full time.

My goal is to provide unique applications and eye-catching websites using my knowledge of a variety of programming languages, specifically targeting the Android and iOS operating systems, using Sencha Touch 2, the game-changing model/view/controller architecture.

J. Parker

Josh Parker

I am full-time technician for a point of sale software company in Nashville, TN. I previously worked on BlackBerry theme development under the name Tech Revive Designs. I have several projects going currently using Sencha Touch. Once they become available on the markets, I make them available here.


Advisor for CoC

Advisor (Android)
Advisor (iOS)

The definitive resource guide to the popular mobile strategy game Clash of Clans© by Supercell. This MOBILE APPLICATION was designed and built on the Sencha Touch 2 and Phonegap platforms using MVC, HTML, SASS, CSS, Javascript, ExtJS, Java and Objective C.


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